Alexandra-Emily Kokova | demand generation strategist | portrait

I can help you grow your business with HubSpot.

With over a decade of experience as a digital marketing expert, I specialize in creating scalable strategies and timed sponsored campaigns that position brands as the top-of-mind choice for their target audience.

Alexandra-Emily Kokova | demand generation strategist | portrait


Do you know where your business is headed? If you’ve landed on my site, it’s likely that you’ve explored various options to make your digital marketing strategy a success. From expensive tools that drain your budget to partnering with external agencies that take time to familiarize themselves with the nuances of your niche, these approaches can be costly and result in lost sales.


With the right mix of skills and expertise, however, you can achieve your desired outcomes without breaking the bank.



Do you know where your business is headed? If you’ve landed on my site, it’s likely that you’ve explored various options to make your digital marketing strategy a success. From expensive tools that drain your budget to partnering with external agencies that take time to familiarize themselves with the nuances of your niche, these approaches can be costly and result in lost sales.

With the right mix of skills and expertise, however, you can achieve your desired outcomes without breaking the bank.

  • Your marketing efforts are in their early stages, and you require additional expertise to set long-term goals, establish KPIs, and lay the groundwork for the future.
  • Your digital marketing strategy is operational, but your results are falling short of your expectations. You require an extra set of eyes and assistance to fine-tune and test until you find what works and what doesn’t.
  • You already have the fundamentals in place and working, and you’re ready to explore conversion rate optimization, content marketing strategy, email marketing, and performance-based (sponsored) campaigns at a deeper level.
  • Establish a solid foundation for your digital marketing presence by implementing a powerful blend of tools and techniques. This will accelerate the growth of your digital marketing strategy.
  • Develop and implement both internal and external processes that support your internal marketing and communications team, as well as external consultants and agencies. This will enable you to deliver results with structure and confidence.
  • Concentrate on various stages of the buyer and customer journeys by enhancing key performance indicators, such as conversion rates and customer retention rates. Also, measure the cost involved.


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I bring a range of skills and expertise to the table to help clients increase their visibility and enhance the impact of their content marketing efforts.


This may include strategies such as developing and implementing targeted campaigns to reach specific audiences, creating engaging and compelling content that resonates with your customers’ pain points and deepens your relationship with them, optimizing content for search engines, and measuring and analyzing the results of marketing efforts to continually refine and improve strategies.


I’m well-versed in working with the following marketing tech stack:

I’m well-versed in working with the following marketing tech stack:


Plan ahead of your competition and win more new customers by understanding your rivals through competitive benchmarking and digital marketing strategy outline.


Through extensive research of your industry and target audience, I can craft a personalized marketing plan utilizing cutting-edge digital tools and tactics to achieve your business objectives. My collaboration with you will result in an all-encompassing strategy to enhance your brand recognition, lead generation, and conversion rates for lasting success.


I carefully research a new customer’s industry, competition, and target audience to create a tailored strategic plan that meets their needs and goals. I keep open communication to incorporate their feedback into the final product, resulting in a highly personalized action plan.

Using data and feedback from the customer, I analyze the performance of the strategy and make any necessary improvements to ensure that it meets my customer’s needs and goals. 

  1. THE TASK:

    I collaborated with an international B2B consultancy firm to create a personalized and impactful digital marketing strategy that used multiple channels.


    After extensive research on the industry and competition, I created a plan that included social media, email, and content marketing, using a variety of tools and automations for further ease of use.

  3. THE OUTCOME: By continually analyzing and monitoring the results and working closely with the company, we saw a substantial increase in engagement, lead generation, and revenue. It was gratifying to deliver a customized and successful strategy that met the company’s specific needs and produced positive outcomes.

Develop an end-to-end content marketing plan to help you ship evergreen pieces that nurture the relationship with your audience.


Developing a successful content marketing plan requires a thorough understanding of your target audience and their needs. Once you have identified their preferences, it is essential to create compelling and valuable content that resonates with them. To ensure consistency, a content calendar should be developed that includes details such as the topics, formats, and distribution channels for each piece.


Additionally, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, engagement rates, and conversion rates is crucial to measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. Regular evaluation and refinement of the plan based on results is also necessary to maintain relevance and align with your overall business objectives.

I create high-quality and engaging content that aligns with the customer’s brand messaging and resonates with the target audience. Using various content formats such as blogs, videos, infographics, reports nad whitepapers, webinars and podcasts, I appeal to different preferences and channels. Throughout the delivery process, I maintain open communication with the customer to ensure their feedback is incorporated into the final product. 

I assess the plan’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement using customer feedback and data analysis. By continually monitoring and incorporating feedback, I can make necessary adjustments to maximize the plan’s impact and achieve the customer’s goals.

  1. THE TASK:
    I worked with a promising B2C SaaS by helping them create highly engaging content strategy that increased awareness and brand credibility, and ultimately led them to expanding their partnerships network.

    My work focused on a variety of content formats and tactics, including content clustering of blog articles and guides, videos and customer feedback stories that aimed to increase brand trust and help my customer deepen their relationship with fellow partners.

    It took roughly 18 months realize the full potential of the content strategy, resulting in increased search engine rankings (SEO), increased brand trust (multiple new partnership deals), and subsequent offering expansion to new markets. 

Sponsored ads campaigns are a powerful way to connect with your target audience and drive conversions.

With my expertise in sponsored ads, I can help you develop custom campaigns that effectively promote your brand and product offerings–from creating eye-catching ad copy and design to conducting thorough audience research and targeting the right demographics.

I identify the most relevant channels like social media or search engines, and then create ad copy that fits each platform’s unique features. With compelling visuals or videos, I help my customers communicate their product or service’s benefits. I monitor ad performance and adjust targeting, messaging, and creative as needed. 

To launch a product, service or sponsored ad campaign, I make sure the tasks are clear and achievable. This includes creating ads, landing pages, setting up tracking, and testing on different channels. I work closely with the customer to meet their goals and agree on a timeline. I keep them updated on progress and ask for feedback.

  1. THE TASK:
    I was tasked to launch and execute a successful live online event for a cryptocurrency business, generating sales qualified leads and increasing awareness and revenue for the business.

    To achieve this objective, I first created an engaging landing page that showcased event details, speakers, and the agenda. Then, I developed an automated email sequence that reminded registrants of the event and provided valuable information about the cryptocurrency market. On the day of the event, I hosted a livestream with informative presentations and live engagement opportunities for attendees. After the event, I implemented a post-event nurturing program, including personalized follow-up emails and targeted social media ads.

    The deliverables of this campaign included the creation of the landing page, the development of the automated email sequence, the hosting of the livestream event, and the implementation of the post-event nurturing program. These deliverables resulted in generating a significant number of sales qualified leads, helping the business to grow its customer base and increase revenue. markets. 

Discover gaps in your current lead generation efforts and develop a high-performing conversion strategy that generates new sales.


By analyzing user behavior, we can find weak points in your lead generation and create a personalized strategy to optimize your website and marketing campaigns, resulting in increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and business growth.

To improve conversion rates for a customer’s website or digital channels, I conduct a thorough analysis of their online presence. This includes looking at website traffic, researching users, and analyzing the competition. Based on this research, I create a data-driven plan that includes A/B testing, website design changes, messaging iterations and tactics for improving conversion rates.

My deliverables may include a comprehensive audit report, A/B testing plan, website design recommendations, and ongoing monitoring and optimization reports.


Streamline and automate repetitive tasks to help you nurture leads and drive conversions more effectively.


Digital marketing automation is a powerful tool that I use to simplify your lead nurturing and conversion process. By using cutting-edge technologies and techniques, we can automate your email campaigns, lead scoring, and other marketing activities, freeing up your time and resources and still ensuring a personalized customer experience.


Whether you want to enhance lead generation, increase customer retention, or lighten your workload, digital marketing automation can help you achieve your objectives and expand your business.

When taking on new customers for marketing automation, I believe it’s crucial to take a thorough and personalized approach to ensure their success. I begin by carefully listening to their specific pain points, challenges, and goals. This enables me to identify the right tools and strategies to put in place for their unique business needs.


Once I have a clear understanding of their requirements, I develop a customized strategy that addresses their specific challenges, aligns with their goals, and delivers tangible results. I ensure that the strategy is comprehensive and covers all aspects of their marketing automation needs.


During the onboarding process, I provide hands-on support to guide them through every step of the process, from setup to execution. This includes providing training and resources, answering questions, and offering ongoing support to ensure their marketing automation systems run smoothly and deliver the expected results.

Marketing automation deliverables can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of a business, but generally they include a range of automated campaigns, workflows, and analytics reports. Examples of marketing automation deliverables include lead nurturing campaigns, triggered email campaigns, social media automation, website personalization, and automated sales follow-up workflows.


Other common deliverables include customer segmentation and targeted messaging, automated lead scoring and qualification, and detailed performance reports that track key metrics such as email open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement.


Find your unique voice and craft high-quality, engaging content that effectively communicates your message.


Copywriting and ghostwriting are essential tools for businesses and individuals seeking to establish thought leadership in their industry. From crafting compelling blog posts and articles to developing persuasive whitepapers and e-books, I can help you positions yourself as a trusted authority in your field and sets you apart from the competition.

My approach is centered around understanding the unique needs and goals of each client. This begins with a thorough consultation, where I work to gain a deep understanding of their brand, voice, and target audience. I then work to create compelling, high-quality content that is tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

My main deliverables are high-quality, engaging, and tailored content that effectively communicates the client’s message and resonates with their target audience. This includes various types of content such as website copy, blogs, articles, social media posts, email marketing, and more.




I take pride in both strategizing and delivering end-to-end demand generation services to my customers. 

Don’t just take my word for it–hear it straight from them.




I take pride in both strategizing and delivering end-to-end demand generation services to my customers. Don’t just take my word for it–hear it straight from them.


For more than 3 years, I had the great opportunity to work with Alexandra while she led the digital marketing efforts for several of our companies and business lines.

Her passion for all things digital has led to an increased presence in the market for our company which has directly contributed to the bottom line.

I am so impressed with Alex’s work that we often still ask for her advice and participation on current projects as a freelancer.


– Zachary Cohen, Managing Director, InveStellar Corp.


When I’ve contacted Alex the first time I couldn’t imagine how lucky I am that I’ve found her! She was the perfect part of our international social media/online marketing team.


If I’d build the team again I’d ask her for cooperation again and again because she brought so many benefits to all of us…not only knowledge from Bulgarian market but also experience from other countries of her European region as well as from The United Kingdom.


– Monika Mimrova, Senior Tech Consultant

GemSeek is an international award-winning customer experience specialist. The Europe-based company focuses its consulting efforts to help customers from various industries improve the quality of their CX programmes. GemSeek’s stellar work has been awarded multiple times, and featured on G2‘s top performers’ reports.


Skills: digital marketing strategy, content marketing, sponsored advertising, content creation, project management


Highlight: The CX Impact Podcast–featuring guests from Signify, Siemens Healthineers, Abbott and more.

PokerKing is an online poker organization which is committed to providing a fair and secure gaming environment through the use of bespoken, patented technology and stringent self-regulation.

Skills: digital marketing strategy, content marketing, email marketing, email automation, acquisition, retention, project management, feature launch.



  • Increased conversion rates with 16% in less than 45 days.
    Increased casino players’ engagement with 150% in 6 months.
  • Successful $6M GTD Venom in July ’19. In 2019, the tournament was included in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Successful $5M GTD High Five Series in September ’19.
  • Successful $6M GTD Venom in December.
  • Successful $12M GTD Online Super Series in December ’19.

*A successful poker tournament execution means the poker room did not have any overlay pending to the poker network.

Evolution is a software company making immersive online casino games. The company crafts its own products with the freedom to unleash our imagination to its full potential.

Skills: digital marketing strategy, content marketing, content management, project management, team management


  • Created 100% original copy for a number of top-performing slot games
  • Accommodated the localizaiton process for slot games in 30+ languages
  • Website Launch (content & optimization) (copyright, trademark & crypto legal consultancy), IG Soft (caming software), BetCoin Poker (crypto poker room), Players.Poker (gaming sofware), Pan Resource (human resource agency), International Finance Institute (financial education institution), ZoomSphere (marketing software), Advanced Mining Technologies (cryptocurrency miner manufacturer), The Germany Travel Board (leisure), Lufthansa (airlines)


I’ve had the privilege of working with several brands across various industries throughout my career. Note, that this is not an exhaustive list, but a glimpse into my experience and expertise. To see my full professional experience, check out my LinkedIn account.


Book a free short 30-minute discovery call, valued at $160 where we can discuss your strengths and find ways to solidify them.


Book a free short 30-minute discovery call, valued at $160 where we can discuss your strengths and find ways to solidify them.